Clinker window sills – External – Type “S”


“S” type clinker window sills are manufactured in accordance with the PN-B-12061 standard and have the protection law of the design No. 58336. They have a very characteristic drip shape with an S-shaped profile, which perfectly matches traditional and modern façade finishes. Typical widths (depth) – 16cm, 20cm, 24cm, 27cm, 30cm and 35cm. Ready glued for sale and only tiles to be laid under the window

As a Distributor, we also sell the fittings themselves. Caution !!! We are a pioneer and the only manufacturer of ready-made clinker window sills, we were the first to introduce this product to the Polish market. We produce only on the basis of a 6-component adhesive, not available on the Polish market. The glue is frost-resistant, flexible, resistant to UV factors and has the same shrinkage properties as clinker (it does not crack). Please watch out for counterfeit finished window sills that have narrow joints without UV stabilization (they turn yellow in the sun). Ask us about the seller and we will answer if he is our contractor. Protect yourself against dishonest companies that produce on ordinary two-component glue. Important Tips: – remember that the “S” type window sill should be at least 5 cm wider than the jamb dimensions (min. 1 cm under the window + distance from the window frame to the wall face + at least 4 cm beyond the wall face = window sill width) – “S” type window sill, for example: 20cm has 16cm planes, the rest are the shapes of drip and nose under the window. PHOTO – installation on flexible, frost-resistant glue. – the production error limit is maximum 5mm. – it is incorrect to make each window sill from full tiles because each window will have visually unevenly woven sills, the first and last tile are made to measure and the sides are painted with chlorinated rubber to match the color. – we send the finished window sills by courier up to the size of the euro pallet 120 cm above the recommended personal collection or with our transport for a fee. – we send the fittings themselves on a pallet. – dimensions of one fitting: always 105 mm, thickness 15 mm, length (width of the sill), typical as above – recommended space under the window, minimum 2.5 cm. – ready-made window sills are available in two colors of grouts – standard light gray and dark gray (black) with more expensive components

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