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Our company cherishes its tradition and skills inherited for 70 years within a family, inspiring us to bring out more and more in the construction industry.

In 2006, we were the first in Poland to introduce ready-made clinker windowsills, using an innovative grout, made of profiles, plates and clinker bricks which are very durable and show excellent appearance, yet allowing for very quick installation.

In 2009, having in mind continuously growing sales market and responding to growing expectations of our customers and partners, we introduced other types of windowsills, such as steel coated sills, steel decorative wood-like sills, aluminium sills etc. bent, with length up to 615cm, in order to provide adequate stock.

In 2012, another challenge was faced as we bought the Krauss Maffei injection moulding machines to be used, for our own purposes as well as for other windowsill manufacturers, to inject plastic while manufacturing end caps for indoor and outdoor windowsills. Year by year, we enhance our toolset, using new moulds (new end shapes).

A breakthrough was achieved in 2017 which marked a moment we acquired a production line for multi-chamber PVC windowsills and a veneering machine to laminate extruded windowsill panels. This year, we also purchased machines to manufactur “Alu płytka” windowsills which imitate ready-made clinker windowsills; what is important, we have customised grout extrusion with 115mm clearance, and an S-shaped drip. Extrusion with 115mm clearance, and the “Soft” (S) shape is a reference to our ready-made clinker windowsills type S, made of ZCB Police profiles, which we were the first to introduce in 2006.

Now, with our many years of experience, we have staff with excellent knowledge in the scope of windowsills. Our new production hall is being currently erected in Busko-Zdrój (industrial district) by the National Road no. 73; this will certainly enhance our manufacturing capacity by a significant extent and in no time. We have 3 production heads for multi-chamber PVC windowsills, and a production head for repair coatings to be used on an old windowsill.

In 2020, we purchased 2 new production lines for PVC profile extrusion.

We also manufacture multi-chamber PVC windowsills, width (depth) 10cm to 65cm, and a repair coating up to thickness of 5.5cm (recommended), width 18cm to 53cm.

Our multi-chamber PVC windowsills and repair coatings are coated with single-colour and decorative veneers in variety of colours.

We also cooperate with a number of reputed brands. We provide supplies to a number of construction wholesale suppliers as well as windowsill wholesale suppliers and window manufacturers.

Our products are exported to 8 countries within the European Community and a few countries outside the EU.

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