Decorative external steel window sills (wood-like): Golden Oak, Walnut, Wenge, Winchester.


Made of zinc-plated metal sheet, thickness 0.65mm to 0.75mm, protected from corrosion and subsequently coated with paint using HD method (multiple layers); similar to a veneer of the same colour or natural wood.

Available in the following colours:

Golden Oak, Walnut, Wenge and Winchester.

Recommended for windows with natural profile, made of wood, aluminium or PVC, in wood-like veneers.

Resistant to atmospheric conditions and providing nice contrast with the entire window frame.

Length up to 6m. Typical widths:

9cm; 12.5cm; 15cm; 17.5cm; 20cm; 22.5cm; 25cm; 27.5cm; 30cm; 32.5cm; 35cm; 40cm;

Our products are sold in 602cm boxes; wholesale as measured, and retail. If you would like to be our customer (wholesale buyer), please fill in this cooperation form to contact us.

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