Straight corner connector – external


Our products include fasteners for exterior windowsills, type Standard, beveled.

Made of PP and a pigment highly resistant to UV radiation (allowing to avoid sun fading)

We have two KrausMaffei injection moulding machines, 125 t and 150t.

Our manufacturing capacity is 6,000 pcs. of caps per day.

The fastener is two-sided; a straight variant allowing for easy linking (indefinitely), and a corner variant to fasten two windowsills at 90 degrees.

Applicable to outer windowsills in the Standard line (bent) 4cm

Manufacturing length 48cm

RAL colours: 7016; 7024;  8001; 8003; 8004; 8011; 8015; 8017; 8019; 9005; 9006; 9007; 9010; and any other as requested.

We supply other manufacturers of windowsills and roof sheets as well as construction wholesale suppliers.

Our products are available in retail (per item) and wholesale (per box 50 sets each).

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